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Water Extraction & Drying

Water Extraction & Drying

Multiple complex systems are feeding into your home and these keep everything running smoothly. Your water supply lines are one such system. Unfortunately, it’s tough to foresee a water damage emergency. It might be the middle of the night when a pipe in the ceiling bursts.
The resulting damage will spread and worsen before you wake up in the morning. If you’re lucky enough to notice the problem right when it occurs, call Lap Services immediately for water removal services. We know how most home or business owners struggle with the mess that water damage can leave behind. With one phone call, we offer 24-hour emergency water extraction and drying for any situation.

three types of drying systems that restorers, like those at your local Lap services local company, are trained to use.

A big concern for the homeowner is having contaminates carried into areas that were not affected initially.

Open Drying System

This is the use of outside air being brought in to reduce the amount of humidity that you have inside or to remove water vapor. The good thing about this approach is that it is always easy to then convert it over to a Closed Drying System should outdoor weather conditions change during the duration of the job.

Closed Drying System

The benefits of a Closed Drying System is it allows the Lap Services technician the most control over the drying area and process. With the isolation of the area from the outside or even the rest of a building, it allows for more security measures and allows you to install the necessary dehumidification equipment. You can also use existing HVAC systems to help with this process. If the outdoor humidity level is high, this is also the recommended approach by Lap Services professionals.

Combination Drying System

This approach is best used at the beginning of the job, as this is when the humidity levels indoor are at their highest. Also, you can use the Outdoor Drying Process while you are getting ready to remediate the inside. This means while you are removing any debris and doing initial cleaning.

Pack-Out Services

Depending on your water disaster, there could be a few inches of water sitting on the floor. Your possessions are at risk. We pair our drying and water extraction services with pack-out services to ensure your prized possessions are safe and secure.
Lap Services certified technicians will help determine what is salvageable, what must be thrown away, and what we can restore for you. We’ll then move it all out. To resolve the problem, water extraction and drying from a trusted source is the only solution.
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