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Roof Maintenance

The Essential Roof Maintenance

Every year, millions of homeowners replace their roof, either because it has reached the end of its lifespan or the last storm really did a number on it. But even though everyone eventually needs to replace their roof, there are several maintenance tips for shingle roofs you can use to avoid tearing it off sooner rather than later.

Roof Maintenance

You want to take good care of your roof so it’ll take good care of you. Proper maintenance gives your roof a longer life while helping you avoid damaging leaks that can cost a lot in repairs. You may wonder what type of roof maintenance you need to do to stay on top of your duties.

Keep an Eye Out for Debris—Your Roof’s Enemy

Don't allow debris to sit on top of your roof. Branches, leaves, and other debris that accumulate on your roof invite mold, moss, and moisture that can prematurely age your roof. Elements can get under your roof shingles to cause destructive rot throughout your home. There are some tips to know about debris clearing. First, you should never do it alone. Always have a spotter when you climb up on your roof to clear away debris. An extendable ladder is helpful to safely access the top of your roof.

Nip Roof Red Flags In the Bud Early

Your seasonal roof clearings create perfect opportunities for general inspections and repairs. You just have to know what to look for while you're up there. The first part of roof inspection starts inside your home. First, check in the attic for any stains that may indicate water leakage caused by a roof issue. Have you noticed any stains on the ceilings in your home? Make note of where they're located because they could actually be roof leaks.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning With LAP SERVICES LLC